NetEnt’s Perfect Blackjack

Perfect Blackjack is a new live dealer offering from top-tier developer NetEnt. The game is a straighforward iteration of the classic card game and contains a wealth of features and options for players to enjoy. Perfect Blackjack is HTML so it is available on most operating platforms, the tables are seven seats, and the option for open chat is available.

Netent - Perfect blackjack


Blackjack is a quest for 21 that pits players against the dealer. Two cards are dealt to both dealer and player. One card is exposed and left face up while the other is face down. The two cards must add up to 21 for the hand to win.

At the beginning of play the dealer flips over the face down cards starting with the player. If one hand adds up to 21 it is a “Blackjack” and the round is over. If neither side gets Blackjack gameplay continues. Players can get additional cards from the dealer in an attempt to increase their hand or get Blackjack, however, there is some risk as their hand could bust. A bust is when the hand exceeds 21. This is an automatic loss.

Both player and dealer will take turns adding cards until one of them busts or they both stay. If both sides stay the one with the higher hand wins the round. Betting comes into play before the round starts as Blackjack is played for the pot. Players can increase their stake after the down card is revealed and before they choose to add cards or stay.


Players have to buy-in to a game of Blackjack. The round that takes place is then played for the pot. Different Blackjack tables provide different payoff amounts which influence how much money the player will have to put down.

There are four options available to players in Perfect Blackjack after the initial cards are dealt. They can hit, stay, double down, or split. A hit does not require more moeny and is a request from the dealer for another card. Stay also does not require an additonal bet. It is the choice to cease gameplay and stick witih the current hand value. Double Down increases the bet by 100%. It also limits the player to one hit. A split is a special option available to the player when their two opening cards have the same value. It does not cost any additional bets and provides players the ability to divide their opening hand into two seperate hands.

Special Features

Perfect Blackjack boasts a wholly immersive experience. The dealers are professional, the atmosphere is vibrant, and gameplay is fast-paced. It is the closest one can get to a real casino experience outside of a casino. The live casino game also insures that all the features of a traditional game of Blackjack are present. The first is the Split option. Players can also talk directly to the dealer with the player chat feature. Finally, there is another feature unique to NetEnt’s iteration: insurance.

Insurance is a Baccarat-like side bet players can make on the outcome of a round. A player can wager that they will win or lose. This lowers the odds and allows them a way to recoup a loss. The insurance feature is activated during the round. Like a Split something has to occur to provide the player with this option. Insurance is available whenever the dealer shows an ace in their opening hand. An ace is a very good sign that a Blackjack is close. So players get the ability to wager a side bet to make back some money.

Alternative Languages: English