Online players and real-life casino players in Dual Play

Evolution Gaming is always looking for new ways to make their online gaming software more realistic. They have recently introduced dual-play functionality that allows online players and real-life casino players to participate at the same exact table.

For example, they have an interactive roulette wheel that allows online players to participate at the same time as real casino visitors. This capability is achieved by using high-resolution cameras and an internet connection.


Evolution Gaming has partnered with several casino venues to install cameras around designated roulette and baccarat tables. This camera feed is then digitally transported to the Evolution Gaming servers and onto the casino platform that online players are using. This advanced technology makes it even more realistic to place a wager on an online casino. You can genuinely experience the sights and sounds that you would experience at a real casino. The coolest thing is that it is all entirely real.

Which games are supported?

Evolution Gaming has started this idea by utilizing two of its most popular online live casino games. They have elected to use dual-play technology at roulette and baccarat tables at certain casino venues. These games are the most seamless for this type of technology because the players don’t have to make a whole lot of decisions. All of the wagering choices are made at the beginning of the game and no additional information is needed after the start of the game.

Games like blackjack or three-card-poker might be a little bit more challenging for dual play technology because of the real-time decisions that are required. If Evolution Gaming were to find a way to do this effectively, it might take away from the real-life visitors at the casino venue.

For now, it appears that roulette and baccarat will remain as the most popular selections for dual-play. At some point in the future, players might have the opportunity to experience new types of games with this feature.

Extra Information about Dual Play Technology

As Evolution Gaming continues to offer top-tier online gambling experiences to players across the industry, new ideas are constantly being produced. One additional benefit that might stem from this type of technology is to actually bring online players into the actual casino venue.

It is entirely possible to use dual-play technology as a marketing tactic for casinos that are looking to bring more visitors through their front doors. Online players might be convinced to visit if they see the casino initially from an online platform.

With that being said, we are extremely impressed with the dual-play roulette and baccarat games that are currently offered. There are no similar types of interactive gambling games that provide genuine casino experiences quite like this.