The Las vegas Hierarchy Of Casinos and Popularity


It is time for a little reality check. The main reason people flock to Las Vegas, Nevada, outside of the shows on the strip and the MGM Grande, are the casinos. How many are planning a trip to Vegas anytime soon? Below customers will find a list of six current casinos that are very popular with tourists and resident who live nearby.


1)The Venetian

No Casino list is complete with The Venetian. The Venetian is one of the largest in Sin City. It has more than 2500 slots, including poker games and more than 100 gaming tables. Customers can find everything they want, including both high and low stakes poker games.

The casino, as a whole, was designed with the Renaissance era in mind. The casino has some of the highest draws in the country.

2)The Bellagio

Oh, yes, the Bellagio. No list is complete without this casino. It has one of the biggest following in the country too. Customers who want high stakes and an upscale environment will look no further. Clients who like to game in private are in for a treat. Men and women can choose from a small selection of private rooms for games including poker, baccarat, and blackjack. The slot machines have some of the highest limits possible. A lot of well-to-do and high-profile names comes to play here, including politician, rock musicians, and other celebrities.

The Bellagio was witness to a major Britney Spears show here many years ago. That is who exclusive and upscale it is.

3)The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

This is another upscale casino and resorts that people come to, including high-profile celebrities. This casino is the second-largest casino in Vegas, outside of the MGM Grande. The casino has more than 2400 slots and poker games. There is also a 300-seat luxury theater box where musicians come to play when they are in town.

People like Britney Spears and Madonna have been known to stay here when they do shows. Britney and Madonna have been known to rent out one of the private resorts for a week or so when they perform for fans.


This is one of the most famous places to be. There are more than 2000 games, including blackjack and craps. There are a lot of Vegas residencies that have happened here or in the surrounding areas, including Elton John, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Cher, and others.

This is one of the better casinos to watch famous people wonder about, as well as play craps all day.

5)The MGM

This casino is considered the creme-de-la-creme of casinos. The one that comes before the Mandalay, Ceasars, and the Bellagio. There are at least four gaming-themed areas. Players have their choice of close to 4000 games, including at least 70 blackjack and 15 crap tables.

Britney Spears has been known to come here every so often, even when not performing. Madonna has performed here on several of her tours.

Elton John draws big numbers when he comes to play. Celine Dion just ended a residency here this June. The MGM is the number-one place to be.

6)New York

This is the casino players want to visit when they feel homesick. Players who live in New York are going to love this place because it is made in the image of the Big Apple. Players can also see a miniature-sized Empire States Building and Statue of Liberty.

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