About Side Bet City From Evolution Gaming

The online casino industry is bursting at the seams as it continues to maintain player interest by offering new and exciting games regularly. The new releases are well anticipated by experienced players and those who are just beginning to enjoy the fun. On online casino websites, players have the opportunity to explore the adventures provided by thousands of different slots games, table games, and live casino games. Each game has it’s very own theme, and the graphics and sound effects are comparable to the brick and mortar casinos. The leading software creators and developers are responsible for all of the melee to become the next big winner.

Evolution Gaming has worked with more top of the line operators than any other in the market. They are the leaders in B2B live casino service to players by way of multiple devices and channels. Their new endeavor, Side Bet City, is an 80s themed poker room in a unique Las Vegas style. With the illumination of bright neon lights, Side Bet City is a simple, fast, and enjoyable variant to hit the poker tables. It is an easy introduction to the game of poker for new beginners, and loads of fun for the seasoned player. It offers big payouts of up to 1,000:1.

Side Bet City is an exclusive live casino game from Evolution Gaming where each player bets on a win from a three-card, five-card, or a seven-card hand. Players can also bet on the All Lose feature or any combination of all hands. After the initial bets have been made, no other decisions need to be made by the players. A winning message will be displayed on the screen when a player’s bet wins. There is no limit to the number of players that can play simultaneously. They will play against a paytable instead of a dealer. From a single deck, the dealer will deal seven cards in all with the winning combination based on all the typical poker hands.

With the three-card hand, the dealer deals three cards all face up after all bets are made, then the results are revealed. If a player wins this hand, the message will show up on the screen. With the five-card hand, the next two cards are dealt revealing results. If a player has bet on the five-card hand, and it wins, they will see the winning message. In the seven-card hand, the next two cards are dealt by the dealer, and the results are revealed. The lucky player that has bet on this hand wins and sees the message. The All Lose feature is when a player takes the option that none of the three-card, five-card, or seven-card hands will win, then that player wins even if they have not placed a bet on the other three hands.

No live game can be simpler or easier than the Side Bet City 1985 themed poker room provided by Evolution Gaming. Once a bet is made, nothing else has to be done but win. Players can sit back and enjoy all of the poker action with opponents around a real poker table with real dealers. This game will increase in popularity due to its simplicity, and thrill evoking emotions. Side Bet City will become the game that avid gamblers search for on the online casino website of their choice. Evolution Gaming, the leader in live online casino games, does not disappoint with this game. The operators and players are equally as excited about the potential of this game.

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