How to Watch out for Fake Mobile Casinos

With mobile smartphones and phone apps becoming more and more popular, there has been a huge influx in online casinos and casino apps for your phone. Simply typing online casino into your app store of choice (be it Google Play or the Apple AppStore) will net you hundreds if not thousands of results. With so many options to choose from though, you can’t always trust the store’s quality assurance protocol to catch all of the potential scammers out there, and quite a few will slip through the cracks. If you’re looking to play live casino games on your phone and put real money on the line, here are a few tips to make sure you’re not left holding the bag in the end.


Look For Staples

Casinos need to actually payout in order to stay in business. Official apps from long-standing casinos (ones that have been in business anywhere from 3-5+ years) are generally a safe bet.

Look for the License

In order for a casino to operate, be it online or in a brick and mortar location, they’ll need an operating license. While having a license doesn’t guarantee the casino isn’t a total scam, any online casino app operating without a license are definitely ones to avoid. The homepage for licensed casinos will have badges with links to their licensing information and jurisdiction of the license.

Do Your Research

Information and reviews can spread very quickly on the internet, especially when people feel they’ve been cheated. Use this to your advantage, and do a little digging on sites before investing any real money into a casino. Check for any major scandals, or overwhelmingly negative feedback regarding wrongful closings of profitable accounts, withholding payment, or other suspicious tactics to avoid paying out. Do keep in mind, there’s also going to be a lot of crackpot complaints that can be attributed to just the nature of live casinos and the element of luck involved, so use your discretion on which reviews to consider when making your decision.

Depositing Options

The variety in deposit options can tell you a lot more about the legitimacy of a casino than you might expect. For casinos in the UK, the option to use Paypal is a very good sign. Paypal is normally extremely selective in regards to who they do business with, so if Paypal is allowing a casino to use their service as a deposit option, there’s a good chance the business is legitimate. Even without Paypal as an option, look for multiple credit card companies, as well as other methods for deposit. If the only options are bitcoin and some obscure money wiring service you’d likely see used in ransomware, do some more digging first.

Contact Options

If someone is running a scam, the last thing they want is a flood of people contacting them asking to get paid. Most scams or illegitimate casino sites will only have a vague contact form that sends to some nondescript email or internal address never to be heard from again. Compare this to other casinos with multiple emails, phone numbers, and live chat services. The more contact options available, the better the chances you’re dealing with a legitimate operation.

Testing Certification

Contrary to popular belief, many legitimate casinos are actually fair, and the game isn’t completely rigged. The odds of hitting that big payoff may be extremely low, but the chance is still there. There are several auditing companies that ensure this by running the machines millions of times to be sure the win rates match up with what is being advertised by the casinos. Most of the time, these certifications can be found on the casino’s website. These certifications can be faked, so follow up with whichever certifying company is listed in order to confirm everything is up to code. If there is no certification listed at all, move on to the next mobile casino app on your list.