The Poker Hall of Fame

The poker is a tale as old as the time itself, and that’s why it is so popular in the last decades.

Many people are enjoying the benefits of poker, and the fact that there are so many poker legends is insane.

It’s completely unbelievable.

There is a whole community behind the poker culture, and many people are doing everything they can to make it last.

Ther are new poker players and fans every day, and every day out of the legends are born.

They are meant to carry on the poker tradition and to nurture it at the same time.

There are records of the oldest poker players, and someone is behind that plan.

poker hall of fame

That place is called the Poker Hall of Fame.

Its a dream come true for every poker fan to go and visit.

But, its an even bigger honor if you have a place there.

Your own place, so people can remember your championships, even after your death.

So what exactly is the Poker Hall of Fame, in detail?

Let’s find out!

The Father of the Poker Hall of Fame

Everything has started from somewhere, right?

Well, so did the Poker Hall of Fame.

It all started in 1979 when Benny Binion was labeled as the wealthiest casino owner in the whole world.

Even though he was dealing with illegal casino activities, he still managed to get to the top of the casino elite.


By inventing the WSOP and the Poker Hall of Fame.

He is truly the father of the poker, as everyone likes to call him.

You can’t deny that he is the legend of this casino game.

And mind this; he managed to achieve this with no internet and online websites available because it was the 70s.

benny binion

How Can You Become Part of the Poker Hall of Fame?

This is the question everyone is asking, and let me tell you, it’s not that complicated.

There are a few criteria that need to be fulfilled and that’s all about it.

Here are the rules that you need to fulfill in order to truly become poker legend:

  • You need to be 40 or older by the time of nomination
  • You need to have played with A-list poker players in the past
  • You poker rounds need to consist of high stakes only
  • You need to have had manners in the time of playing poker

There are many poker players that fulfill these criteria, and that’s what makes for the judges to pick the nominees and the winners in general.

Some of the most popular names in the Poker Hall of Fame are Daniel Negreanu, Doyle Brunson, Phil Ivey, Johnny Chan, etc. there are lots of names but even there, some names are more popular than others. 

The Poker Hall of Fame also consists of honorable mentions. In this group, only a few people who really made an impact in the poker world happen to be on this list.

Some of the mentions are the founders of Texas Hold’Em and Omaha Hold’Em as the poker miracles.

The poker world truly is an amazing place and its an honor to be the bigger part of it.