World’s biggest poker championships

As the world steps into the digital era of today, connectivity and networking have changed its dynamic by shifting to technology. The gaming and sports industry have been taken by storm as well. Board and card games have almost completely been replaced by the digitized versions. Belonging from the family of card games, poker has also been advanced to the new age with the introduction of online poker and online casino. However, the popularity of the game remains intact with physical playing as well. A blend of strategy, gambling, and skill, poker has been a people’s favorite since the 19th century and to date has attracted a sufficient amount of audience. The playing trends stretch from private home games to public card rooms; this has inaugurated various global level tournaments which attract numerous poker enthusiasts across the globe. Below mentioned are a few that have caught the eye of various poker players.


1)PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

Inaugurating in 2004, PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is one of the widely televised poker tournaments. The event is sponsored by both PokerStars and World Poker Tour. Over 50 events are scheduled during the course of 10 days. The main event usually has a prize pool of over $20 million. The players participate in the tournament by buying a ticket that costs $10,500 – direct entry into the main event or a resort to winning their way via satellites on air. The final table round for the main event was aired on ESPN2, showing the viewership the tournament contains. Adding an exotic touch to the tournament, the venue is set as Atlantic Paradise Island.

2)European Poker Tour

Similar to the World Poker Tour, European Poker Tour carries out a series of tournaments. This was created by John Duthie in 2004. John was the winner of the inaugural Poker Million tournament. The European Poker Tour was formed during the wave of Texas Hold’em which showcased the popularity the game has garnered. The event, held in Berlin in 2010 was subjected to robbery by four masked men. The robbers were later caught, however, live footage, for a small portion of time, did end up being broadcasted created panic and chaos. The estimated viewership is about 974 million people, augmenting the claim of this being one of the largest tournaments.

3)World Series of Poker

Sponsored by Caesar’s Entertainment Corporation, World Series of Poker was created in 2004. The event is held annually in Las Vegas. Ever since its inauguration, the WSOP has been subjected to massive expansion plans and by the end of 2017, it consisted of 74 events featured most famous poker variants. Needless to say, the event attracts vast majorities from across the world. Following the traditional format, the winner the main event is crowned as the poker champion for the said year.

4)World Poker Tour Championships

Officially inaugurated in 2002, World Poker Tour remains one of the oldest poker tournaments. Steven Lipscomb, who was an attorney/television producer and CEO of WPT Enterprise, started this venture. The WPT Main Tour focuses on the buy-in range of $3,500-$25,000, and winners of official WPT Main Tour events are awarded a membership to the WPT Champions Club. The championship is broadcasted globally within 150 countries and is all set to walk into its 16th season. Fox Sports Regional Network performs as the official broadcasting partner for the championship.

5)World Championship of Online Poker

Bearing in mind that poker has a lot of online presence; PokerStars inaugurated this championship in 2002 whereby the players dwell into a series of events on the internet. The WCOOP is one of its kind tournaments. Keeping the tradition intact, players compete in different poker games with varied prizes and buy-in levels.