Lightening Dice The New Game Launched By Evolution Gaming

When it comes to casino gaming online, many people turn to Evolution Gaming. Evolution Gaming is one of the most popular online casino gaming companies out there. Evolution Gamings current new revelation is a fun and thrilling new game called Lightening Dice. Lightening Dice boasts amazing multipliers which can lead to wins of up to one thousand times the total bet. For people who love playing casino games and dice, this game is top notch. With the amazing graphics and the fun guessing of what the dice will land on, this game will surely keep players on their toes. The whole purpose of gambling is the thrill that comes with the risk, and for people who enjoy that risk than Lightening Dice is the game for them.

The purpose of Lightening Dice is to engage players with the hopes of guessing correctly what the three dice will land on at the end of the Lightning Tower. There are three dice that are dropped and sent through various sections of mazes when they get to the bottom base and the three numbers on each dice are revealed, this is when players will see if they won or not. Players also have the opportunity to bet on all sixteen spaces by simply clicking on the bet all option.

Revolving around the theme of the lightning, random multipliers are awarded to certain number spots, and if a player bets on that number spot, then the multiplier will be accordingly placed on that players bet. Here is where the fun is, the multipliers being random, can be anything from one time to one thousand times that players bet. The beauty of this online casino game is that there is literally nothing like it out there. Many people know how to play dice, and many people learn at a young age either by watching other people or by playing themselves, the Lighting Dice game brings that awesome dice game to an online casino. Lightening Dice has been called the little sister to the famous roulette, as there are many similarities in the betting, but Lighting Dice has upped its game and made betting on numbers fun in a new and exciting way.

Evolution Gaming surely knew what they were doing when they launched Lightning Dice, and the nice part of this game is that literally, anyone can play it. The gamers have kept this game simple yet engaging. The graphics and all the extras like the multipliers are what makes this game a smashing hit. This game is not your normal dice game, in how it is played is like regular dice, but with the lightning effects and multipliers being randomly added in, this is a dice gamblers dream come true.

Lighting Dice can be played from anywhere online, it is compatible and available to play on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. People who play this game will be engaged by the stunning black and gold art decorations throughout the game, as well as that electrifying feeling when the lightning strikes and the lightening multipliers are added on the random number spots. For casino gaming, all people should check out the newest game Lightning Dice by Evolution Gaming. Once players start to play and are enthralled by this new game, hours of fun will be had by all who play. This is revolutionizing and the launch of this new game is sure to turn many heads, instead of playing the normal slot and cards games, gamblers now have a new and exciting way to play online with the dice game Lightning Dice launched by Evolution Gaming.