Cash Out When Its Time – Some useful tips!

Newbies start off getting their taste of winnings in an online live casino.

The question now is how do they pocket them from digital chip wins to cash in their pocket or their bank account.

That’s part of the question on a bigger set of knowledge about online live casino.

It’s called The Exit Strategy.

The exit strategy involves some strategizing on the player’s part and knowing the landscape of online casino gaming. Both are important. It’s about making a decision on how to turn winnings into cash.

The exit strategy answers the question on when to cash out, how the cash out happens and knowing how long it takes to cash out.


Cash Out When Its Time

Having an exit strategy starts by recognizing that it’s a slippery slide to just rely on feeling the right moment to stop playing one’s winnings. There’s always the need to give it another go for perhaps another win.

Keeping the emotions in check with a pre-game exit plan on when to stop and take the money out at the intended time is very important.

One frequent strategy is the use of “pot limit”.

Having a pot limit helps make sure players don’t gamble away more than what they planned for. Having a pot limit keeps the eye on the pot money that’s left for playing and adds another conscious step to taking out more money to play.

It’s a great tool to keep the emotion in check.

Using the exit strategy on the pot limit means having a maximum and a minimum number. That’s the maximum pot money grown and the minimum pot money that says it’s time to get what’s left out.

Playing with the pot money alone means working back towards this amount when players are compelled to put more to take advantage of the bonus or welcome offers.

Know The Betting Requirements

Bonus offers and welcome offers help persuade players to put more money into the live casino game.

Take advantage of this when it still falls in the predetermined pot limit.

Be aware these offers have restrictions on how much money can be withdrawn. They’re called “wagering requirements”, also called “betting requirements”. These requirements only allow players to withdraw a certain amount when they’ve wagered past a target amount or when they’ve played enough number of times.

Knowing the terms and conditions of your online casino will help keep anyone from withdrawing too early risking the loss of their bonuses.

Cash Your Winnings Fast

Getting back your winnings in cash fast starts from choosing the most reliable online casinos. They tend to also be the fastest and easiest payout casinos. This usually means between hours or days, not weeks.

After that, it’s about which withdrawal method players choose to cash in their winnings.

One fast method is by direct bank transfers straight to your personal account. This takes three to five business days to complete.

Paypal is another reliable method. Your winnings go straight to your PayPal account where you can request a transfer to your bank in another two days.

Neteller is another popular method used. This is an eWallet that has become a favorite among online casino players. It’s known not just for its speed of transfer but also for its lowest fees in the industry.

Skrill is another favorite among global players outside of the United States that works similar to PayPal. Their transfers are fast and reliable.