Monopoly Live from Evolution Gaming Hits Online Casinos

Monopoly Live is a new and unique live online game created by Evolution Gaming in partnership with Hasbro, based on one of the most popular board games in the world. The game combines the exciting elements of a money wheel game with elements from Monopoly. It features a super-sized vertical wheel which is spun by a live casino host, with players predicting the segment that the wheel will stop at. In addition, the game includes a virtual Mr. Monopoly that is ready to get into the action at any point. Players can bet as little as 10c and as much as £100 during each round. The Monopoly board featured in the 3D Bonus game is available in English, Italian, and German.


Monopoly-Specific Segments

Besides offering the players the chance to bet on a certain number that the wheel might stop at, the wheel also includes ‘CHANCE’, ‘2 ROLLS’, as well as ‘4 ROLLS’ segments – with the ‘CHANCE’ segments being designed for instant cash wins as well as multipliers, and the ‘ROLLS’ segments activating an augmented reality 3D Bonus game featuring Mr. Monopoly. Players are able to bet on 1, 2, 5, 10, or one of the ‘ROLLS’ segments. If their bet is correct, the number they bet on will lead to their payout (i.e. 2 to 1, 5 to 1, etc.)

The CHANCE Segment

If it’s the ‘CHANCE’ segment the place the wheel stops at, then players will get a Chance card from the virtual Mr. Monopoly, which will feature either a cash prize or a multiplier bonus. In case the Chance card features a multiplier bonus, then all bets will remain in place, with the host spinning the wheel once again. The multiplier won ends up multiplying the winnings – and in case the player gets a multiplier card once again then the multiplier itself gets multiplied. A player can earn an unlimited number of multipliers – subject to a maximum win of £500,000, or the equivalent of that in a different currency.

3D Game

Participating in the 3D Bonus Game starts if a player predicted correctly that the wheel would stop at the ‘2 ROLLS’ or ‘4 ROLLS’ segment. Once the 3D Bonus round begins, all the players that qualified for the round will join the virtual Mr. Monopoly who steps into an augmented reality version of 3D Monopoly. The board features all the familiar segments of the popular game of Monopoly, from GO to Jail and Super Tax – the players that have not qualified for the bonus round can still watch the game, but they are not able to win any prizes.

The virtual Mr. Monopoly starts moving along the board, the number of septs he takes being given by the roll of the dice – which are rolled in the studio. Where he stops, he collects prizes for the players that have qualified for the game. The prizes vary depending on the properties that Mr. Monopoly. Houses and hotels can be built in order to increase the payout, but there are also penalties included, similar to the original board game. When there are no dice rolls left, the game is over and the bonus winnings and the initial bets are paid to the players that have qualified. The players then return to the main game.

Bet On All

The game also includes a BET ON ALL feature, which allows players to bet on every number (including the ‘2 ROLLS’ and ‘4 ROLLS’ segments) with a single push of the button. The value selected will be placed on all segments simultaneously. Monopoly Live also includes a help menu, for players interested in learning more information about shortcut keys, game history, autoplay settings or payouts table.

Alternative Languages: English