The Fun and Competitive World of XPro Gaming!

It’s time to forget Vegas! There are some veteran casino players in town and they’re reshaping how you think about and interact with casino gaming! They go by the name of XPro gaming. Get your playing cards shuffled!


Straight from their state of the art studios in Bulgaria and Moldova, you’re going to get some cool broadcasting abilities from XPG. So what are they? Well, XProgaming is a live casino gaming company and these guys are the new professional pioneers when it comes to giving you the utmost interactive and immersive gaming experience there is. It’s like playing Vegas-style live casino games but virtually and there’s really no experience to match! So how can one company from Europe be so different than the rest? One thing that’s for sure is they have top-level equipment.

Great equipment leads to better immersion and XPG gets their stuff made from the industry leader Gammegh. This partnership delivers to you a classic real casino game design that provides relaxation and gameplay like no other. Mix this with your dealing cards and a roulette wheel and you’re all set.

The other thing that makes the equipment such an integral part of XPG is the fact that it’s designed with you in mind. It’s built to be comfortable. Gone are the days where you have to decide whether to remain in the uncomfortable casino chair or head back to your hotel room. There’s a reason why equipment makers like Gammegh have been around so long and it’s because they’re able to provide companies like XPG with equipment that keeps people like you entertained, relaxed, and happy!

So what else keeps the hype going for XPG aside from comfy chairs? The right people. Businesses don’t only need customers but they need leaders to lead the company for the customers and XPG prides themselves on being managed by actual pro pit bosses along with experienced and seasoned veteran casino managers. The staff knows their stuff! And then on top of stacking the deck with experienced players, XPG has also gone out of their way to bring on board experienced dealers to give you a true to life gaming feel.

Finally, there’s one major reason why XPG has been at the top of the live dealer casino software provider list for over a decade now and that’s simply because they have a code of business that they go by. Their vision has always been this- “To always stay ahead of the curve.” This pretty much translates over into the fact that they always want to know what you need as a gamer before you and their competitors know.

They also have set values they stick to and those values are flexibility and simplicity, development and innovation, professionalism, and finally simplicity. Now with values like that, how do you not go run and shuffle some cards!

For over a decade, XPG continues to take the casino out of Vegas and bring it to you in a whole new immersive, fun, and exciting ways. So what are you waiting for, go play!

Alternative Languages: English